An operator was facing significant revenue interruptions owed to clunky and laborious debtor processes.

Customer service testing

An operator required their customers to be able to validate the status of their services.

Pre-Handover Testing

An operator was receiving an increasing number of complaints from Enterprise customers when setting live a new service.

1st line support testing

A leading operator worked with CORTEX to develop a solution to help their first line agents diagnose customer issues.

Service Design and Assign

CORTEX transformed a CSPs provisioning process, reducing processing time from 10 days to 20 seconds

Service Provisioning – Soft Cease and Hard Cease

A Global Operator worked with CORTEX to develop hard cease and soft cease process automations.

Configuration Compliance Checks

A large Communication Service Provider (CSP) was experiencing a long MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve) and as a result continually breached its customer SLA

A Fully Digital Service

Voice Resource Management was a manually performed process, from order to allocation and further provision.

Change Request Management

Minimising unexpected downtime or systems availability for customer impacting Change Requests.