An operator was facing significant revenue interruptions owed to clunky and laborious debtor processes.

Pre-Handover Testing

An operator was receiving an increasing number of complaints from Enterprise customers when setting live a new service.

System Access Auditing

A major operator had a manual process for systems and buildings access. Creating access for new starters, as well as removing for leavers and adjusting for movers created significant complexity for IT and HR teams.

System Access Management

A Customer Contact centre had a very high employee churn which caused significant challenges for the SLAM process.

Billing Operations

Customer billing relies on an extensive underlying infrastructure to monitor, record, maintain data and apply required contractual parameters for accurate billing.

Service Design and Assign

CORTEX transformed a CSPs provisioning process, reducing processing time from 10 days to 20 seconds

Service Assurance

A business was swamped with around half million event alarms per month going unchecked or missing SLA.

Routine Maintenance

A Communication Service Provider (CSP) identified that their monthly maintenance checks were causing issues across their network resulting in extended periods of downtime

Connectivity Circuit Writing

The current IT stack used within the circuit writing process required manual data input leading to inefficiencies.

OLO Network Traffic Management

The customer wanted to maximise the quality of their international voice network services whilst minimising costs.